"Yowapeda" Cyclists Appear In New Pocari Sweat Collaboration Ad

And happy birthday Arakita of Hakone Gakuen!

Talk about a perfect pairing. The Yowapeda anime's official site has announced that popular Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat Ion Water (that is the actual product name) is collaborating with the sweaty cyclists from Yowapeda for a poster promotion in Japan for the month of April. Posters featuring Sakamichi, Makishima, Tadokoro, Manami, Toudou and Arakita will be posted at train stations and the inside of the Seibu Line and Izu Hakone Line trains, which is in the area that the High School Inter-High is being held in the anime.



The poster says "The more you get thirsty, the more you get strong. This is how we quench our thirst".




The anime's official Twitter account also posted a birthday wish for Hakone Gakuen's No. 2, Arakita, as April 2nd is his birthday while he replied as "Shut up!" as in true Arakita-fashion.



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