VIDEO: 1st Teaser for July 2014 Film "K Missing Kings"

Directed by Shingo Suzuki (K TV series, Coppelion)

The official site for the upcoming anime film K Missing Kings, the sequel of the 13-episode TV anime series K in 2012, today posted a 90-second first teaser. The sequel film is directed by Shingo Suzuki, who served as the director and character designer for the TV series. It will be released on 31 screens across Japan on July 12.


On the same day of the film, Japanese musical unit angela will release their 22nd single "Different colors" in Japan. It will be featured as the theme song for the film. The unit previously performed "KINGS" (released as 19th single), the OP theme song for the TV series, and "Itsukano Zero Kara," the insert song used in the 2nd episode. The "Different colors" CD single also includes a cover version of "Tsumetai Heya, Hitori," the ED song for the TV series originally produced by themselves and sung by Mikako Komatsu as her cat character in the anime, Neko.



The 1st teaser



The 1st key visual for the film



angela artist photo © music wonder circus



The short PV for the TV series OP "KINGS"



Source: "K Missing Kings" official site


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