New Voice Actress Unit "L.I.N.K.s" Needs Third Member

The member will be chosen by the user votes

Ange Vierge, the media mix project including a trading card game, app, comic, and light novels, announced yesterday on April 13 that a three-member voice actress unit named "L.I.N.K.s" will be formed for the promotion of the franchise produced by Fujimi Shobou and Media Factory. The already decided two members are Yuuka Aisaka (as Miumi Hinata of Blue World) and Mai Ishihara (Sofina of Black World). Aisaka is best known as the voice of Kotone Noda in Sakura Trick and Ishihara's most well-known anime character is Orange Pekoe in Girls und Panzer.


The unit selects "Challenge" as a theme. The third member will be chosen by the user votes from the five candidates. The first audition event will be held at Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 in Makuhari Messe on April 27. The winner will also voice one of the main characters of the franchise. If your dream is being a voice actress, it may be a good opportunity. More information about the audition will be soon revealed on the

official site.



Yuuka Aisaka (Miumi Hinata of Blue World)



Mai Ishihara (Sofina of Black World)





"Ange Vierge" anime PV ver.2


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