"Shonen Sunday" Reveals Slate of Anime OVAs

Seven OVA adaptations on the way

This year's issue 24 of manga magazine Shonen Sunday revealed that it has another slate of anime adaptations on the way. Not quite as impressive as the 2013 blitz that introduced Silver Spoon, Mushibugyo, [email protected], The Unlimited and the latest Hayate the Combat Butler and The World Only God Knows TV anime, this one is promising seven OVAs.


Showcased titles includes Mushibugyo, Magi Sinbad no Bouken, Hayate ecchi comedy Nozo x Kimi, survival horror Imawa no Kuni no Alice, sibling relationship story Ane Log: Moyako Nee-san no Tomaranai Monologue, soccer series Fantasista Stella.

Releases are planned over 10 consecutive months starting this month.


Sinbad is out with the manga's third volume on May 16th


Hayate is due with volume 41 on June 18th


Mushibugyo is due with volume 15 on July 18th


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