"Zelda: Hyrule Warriors" Official Website Slashes Open, Screens Galore

Musou-style Zelda game will have playable Impa and more

A bunch of info was revealed for Zelda Musou, which is currently titled Hyrule Warriors in the west. Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors-style spin on The Legend of Zelda is being developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja, and the official website is now open.


The story tasks Link, a soldier in training, with rescuing Princess Zelda from Shia the Black Witch and her minions. In addition to Musou gameplay, elements of the Zelda series such as Z-Targeting will be included. While the only playable character besides Link to be revealed thus far is Impa, others will be available, and at least one is considered "surprising."


Dig into the massive batch of screens below, which show some nice shots of Link, Impa, Shia the Black Witch, Valga, Wizro, and environments like Hyrule Plains and Lanayru Valley. 



The official site also details a couple versions that will be available in Japan: the Premium Box and Treasure Box special editions. The former comes with the game, official art collection, Tri-Force model clock, "Courage" costume set, and "Wisdom" costume set for ¥10,800 ($106). The latter comes with all of that plus the "Power" costume set, Hero scarf, and treasure chest accessory case for ¥13,800 ($136). 


Hyrule Warriors hits Wii U in Japan on August 14, and will be playable at E3. A release in North America and Europe is planned for sometime this year.


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