News: "Majimoji Rurumo"' Anime Cast and Character Designs

Suzuko Mimori and Makoto Takahashi voice leads

The Majimoji Rurumo series website has been updated with cast information and a few character designs. For the adaptation of Wataru Watanabe's (Yowamushi Pedal) comedy fantasy, Makoto Takahashi voices male lead Kota Shibaki with Suzuko Mimori as the titular Rurumo and singing the opening theme, which will be her fourth single.



Misato Fukuen will be voicing Chiro, while Yurika Endo is Tanako Kujirai, and singing the ending, which will be her second single.



Chikara Sakurai steps up as a first time director on the J.C. Staff production. 


Mariko Kunisawa (Squid Girl, A Certian Scientific Railgun) is writing script composition with Kazunori Iwakura (Ai Yori Aoshi, Little Busters! Refrain) on character design. The series follows a notorious pervert who finds instructions for summoning witches in his school's library. When he uses it on a lark, he winds up in a contract with the titular Rurumo. This witch must convince him to use up 666 magic wishing tickets, each of which shortens his life-span.







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