"Aikatsu!" Collaborates with Bento Take-out Chain Hotto Motto

A store in Tokyo will be decorated as "Nandemo Bento"

Hotto Motto, one of the largest bento take-out chains with 2,707 stores across Japan, will start offering three collaboration bento dishes with Aikatsu! from July 17. Each dish comes with an original collectible card (five types). As the fans of the series know, the protagonist Ichigo Hoshimiya's mother Ringo is running a bento shop named "Nandemo Bento" in the story.


In addition, Hotto Motto's Kayaba-cho Eki store in Tokyo will be remodeled as "Nandemo Bento" for a limited time of two days on July 20 and 21. The store will display the dresses and autographs of the Aikatsu! idol members, and will set up a photo shooting section for the fans. The children of elementary age or younger who purchase the bento will receive a photo card with Ichigo's autograph on first-come basis on the two days.  


Key visual



"Aikatsu! Nori-ben" 500 yen



"Aikatsu! Starlight Curry" 590 yen


"Aikatsu! Ouen Bento" 560 yen



The five original cards


The image of "Nandemo Bento" shop



Now you can download this wallpaper for free here.


Source: press release




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