Crunchyroll Adds "Super Robot Wars Original Generation The Animation"

OVA series available starting today at 3:00pm Pacific Time

Crunchyroll has a new addition to its anime catalog: Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation! The three-episode OVA will be available to premium members in the United States and Canada starting today at 3:00pm Pacific Time, with free members able to watch it a month later.


Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation is directed by Jun Kawagoe (Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo, Mazinkaiser SKL) and written by Satoru Nishizono (Samurai Bride), with animation production by Brain's Base.



Crunchyroll's synopsis:

Dr.Jurgen of DC developed a global defense system to combat potential alien threats. This system has two elements. First is the VTX-001 Vartoul unmanned anti alien PT. Governing these drones is the ODE worldwide network system. However, this system has a noteworthy secret. A living human is needed to control the ODE core. Furthermore, the ODE core needs human organs to support itself. At the present day, the drone have gone on a mass abduction spree. Kyosuke and co has been sent in to take care of the problem.



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