TV Anime Adaptation of Parody Manga "Gundam-san" Set for July 6

The original Amuro voice actor, Toru Furuya serves as the narrator.

The official site for the upcoming TV anime adaptation of Hideki Ohwada's parody four-panel manga based on the popular Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam-san, is launched today on June 25 with the announcements for its premiere schedule and main voice cast. The manga has been serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Gundam Ace since its first issue published in June 2001 and now 11 tankobon volumes are available in Japan. The TV anime, simply titled Gundam-san, will premiere on BS 11 on July 6, then on Tokyo MX on the following day.


34-year-old Mankyu (Puchimas! Petit Idolmaster) directs the anime for Sunrise, the original production company of the Gundam anime series. Sao Tamado, who previously worked with Mankyu for Puchimas!, again designs the parody anime characters.



The voice cast:

Char-san: Katsuyuki Konishi

Lalah-san: Megumi Han (a daughter of Lalah Sune's original voice actress Keiko Han)

Amuro-san: Tsubasa Yonaga

Sayla-san: Kaori Nazuka

Bright-san: Ryutaro Okiayu

Kai-san: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

Haroo: Takshi Matsuyama

Kycilia-tan: Ryo Hirohashi

Frau-tan: Rikako Yamaguchi

Garma-san: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Proverb commentary: Keiko Han

Narrator: Toru Furuya (the original voice actor for Amuro Ray)


Key visual



The covers of the 1st and 11th manga tankobon



Source: "Gundam-san" anime official site


© Sotsu/Sunrise


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