"Beyond the Boundary" Feature Film Set for Spring 2015

Based on the light novel series by Nagomu Torii

Kyoto Animation's official site for the anime adaptation of Nagomu Torii's light novel series Kyokai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary today announces that its feature film version is in the works for a spring 2015 release. The 12-episode TV anime was aired in Japan from October to December 2013. The seventh/last volume of its Blu-ray/DVD disc which contains the unaired "Episode 0" is also released today in Japan. 


Kyoto Animation's latest anime feature film Tamako Love Story, the film sequel of the TV anime Tamako Market, was released on 24 screens across Japan on April 26, 2014, then earned 124,894,754 yen (about US$1,226,000) in three weeks.



Pv for the Blu-ray/DVD 7th volume


The jacket illustration


Source: "Beyond the Boundary" anime official site


© Nagomu Torii, Kyoto Animation/"Kyokai no Kanata" Production Committee


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