VIDEO: "Forbidden Magna" Trailers Show Off the Inn and Battles

RPG heads to Nintendo 3DS in Japan on October 2

Marvelous busted out some fresh footage for upcoming 3DS RPG Forbidden Magna, showing off a bit of the battle system and the Inn that acts as a base of action for protagonist Lux and the spirits he meets. Marvelous has a look at the first floor—which includes a dining room, kitchen, Lux's room, and workshop—in the video below.



Forbidden Magna features turn-based battles, with character order based on individual speed. Parties are assembled with a deck, and controls in battle are apparently similar to an action game. Special attacks from character to character unlock based on their level of trust in Lux, and defeating enemies builds up the tension gauge so more special moves can be used.


Here are a couple quick samples of action:


Forbidden Magna hits Nintendo 3DS in Japan on October 2.


Via Gematsu



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