VIDEO: "M3 the dark metal" New ED Song PV Performed by nano

Double A-side single "INFINITY≠ZERO/SABLE" will be released on July 23

Flying Dog has posted a full promotional video for nano's latest song "SABLE," which will be featured as the new ED song for the ongoing TV anime M3 the dark metal with the new OP song "Replica" by Maaya Sakamoto. Her double A-side 5th single will be released on July 23 in two editions: "M3 the dark metal ver." featuring "SABLE," and "nano ver." featuring "INFINITY≠ZERO" (movie Bakumatsu Kokosei theme song). Check the PVs for both songs starring 25-year-old actor Yudai Chiba (Alata/Gosei Red in Tensou Sentai Goseiger) below. The stories of the two PVs go simultaneously.




"M3 the dark metal ver." CD jacket





"nano ver." CD jacket


nano artist photo © HoriPro Inc

via: Natalie

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