Studio Ghibli Soundtracks Added to North American iTunes Store

Offering now features music up to their brand new When Marnie Was There

Studio Ghibli has updated their soundtrack offerings on the North American iTunes stores with music up to their brand new When Marnie Was There.


Available soundtracks include:

    • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Cast in the Sky OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • My Neighbor Totoro OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Kiki's Delivery Service OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Porco Rosso OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Ocean Waves OST - by Shigeru Nagata
    • Pom Poko OST - by Hasso Gakuden
    • Whisper of the Heart OST - by Yuji Nomi
    • Princess Mononoke OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • My Neighbors the Yamadas OST - by Akiko Yano
    • Spirited Away OST  - by Joe Hisaishi
    • The Ghiblies Episode 2 - by Manto Watanobe
    • The Cat Returns OST - by Yuji Nomi
    • Howl's Moving Castle OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Studio Ghibli Symphonic Suite - by Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Tales of Earthsea OST - by Tamiya Terashima
    • Melodies From Earthsea by Calos Nunez
    • Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Kari-Gurashi (Arrietty theme) - by Cecile Corbel
    • Arrietty OST - by Cecile Corbel
    • From Up on Poppy Hill OST - by Satoshi Takebe
    • The Wind Rises OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • The Take of Princess Kaguya OST - by Joe Hisaishi
    • Ghibli, Princess Kaguya and I - by Kazumi Nikaido
    • Just Know That I Love You (Marnie theme) by Priscilla Ahn
    • When Marnie Was There OST - by Takatsugu Muramatsu



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