VIDEO: Sora Tokui Sings "Future Card Buddyfight" New ED Song as Paruko Nanana

Her latest anime character song hits stores on August 20

Following the 1st ED song "Buddy Buddy Fight!," 24-year-old voice actress Sora Tokui again sings the 2nd ED song "Natsuiro Fighting!!" (Summer Color Fighting!!) for the ongoing TV anime Future Card Buddyfight as the announcer character in the anime, Paruko Nanana. As a voice actress, Tokui is best known as Nero Yuzurisaki in Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Nico Yazawa in Love Live!, and Maya in Is the Order a Rabbit?. Her 2nd single as Paruko will be released in Japan on August 20 and her record company Hibiki Music has posted a short promotional video for the song on its official YouTube channel.



"Natsuiro Fighting!!" short PV


Limited edition CD jacket


Anime jacket edition



"Buddy Buddy Fight!" short PV


© Aibou Gakuen/TV Aichi


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