VIDEO: Ufotable "Fate/stay night" Unlimited Blade and Heaven's Feel Plans Previewed

"Fate/grand order" smartphone game also announced

Anime studio Ufotable laid out the scope of their plans for adapting modern fantasy visual novel Fate/stay night during last night's Fate Project presentation. The TV series starting this October, then continuing in a split cour for its second half, will adapt the story's Rin Tohsaka focused Unlimited Blade Works route.


There will also be an anime movie adaptation of the Sakura Matou focused Heaven Feel Route.




Smartphone (iOS/Android) game Fate/grand order, with the battle for the Holy Grail across seven time periods, was also announced.  Scenario writer Kinoko Nasu is joined by a very impressive collection of artists from Huke to BunBun




via @ikari_gendo and RollingPirahna



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