Mr. Popo From "Dragon Ball" Inspires Women's Fashion

Quirky casual fashion label mercibeaucoup launches "Dragon Ball" collaboration

Part of the charm of Dragon Ball was the wide variety of sources that it whimsically drew from. Well, it was charming when its Monkey King fought dinosaurs and Universal monsters. It was a somewhat of an issue when he encountered a stereotypical Native American. Its takes take on a genie has proven to be even more troublesome. However, that bit of international controversy didn't stop Eri Utsugi’s quirky casual fashion label mercibeaucoup from using Mr Popo inspired attired in their Dragon Ball collaboration.


A "Mama" Pop dress, with batting lips, turban and earlings goes for 20,520yen ahead of an August release

There are also Popo men's and women's teas (5490yen)

Kamehameha tees are 6,480yen

The pull over version is 8,100yen

Bulma tees are 5,940yen monochrome and 8,100yen color

Roshi shirts go for the same price

Dragon Ball tops are 9,180yen

team fleeces are 11,880yen

Ginyu Force tees are 6480yen

jankenpon jackets are 19,440yen


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