VIDEO: Learn More About "XBlaze Code: Embryo" in Developer Diary #3

Aksys Games published the PS3 and PS Vita visual novel last month

After kicking off with the first XBlaze Code: Embryo developer diary back in June—a few weeks prior to the visual novel's June 24 release on PS3 and PS Vita—Aksys Games is back with more. The third entry covers the Technology of Interest system, how the presentation goes beyond your average visual novel, and more.  



Aksys describes the story of the BlazBlue-connected game: 

Touya Kagari, our hapless protagonist, is a typical high school student who is always eventually derailed from working effectively by the exhaustive minutia of curry etiquette explained by his (“helpful”) coworker Ringo Akagi. Sure the portions with curry are great fun, but let’s not forget the renegade mages, homicidal maniacs and secret organizations he has to stave off from taking control of the power responsible for the creation of the universe! 



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