"Haruhi Hunting - Hunting" for the Lost Memories Complete - UPDATE 2

707smartphone-interactive mystery illustrations were hidden around Japan in outdoor locations, convenience stores and websites

This spring, haruhi.com launched Haruhi Hunting, the search for 707smartphone-interactive mystery illustrations hidden around Japan in outdoor locations, convenience stores and websites that would unlock Kyoto Animation's first Haruhi anime since 2010's Disappearance. Keep your excitement in check since it's just a promo for a Sankyo pachinko machine, but the hunt is now complete! (There are some claims that the last couple were obtained with a bit of snooping)


Check out the results at http://haruhi.com/.


UPDATE: looks like the count is back to 705/707, with the last two pieces still needing to be officially found.



The pachiko maker, Sankyo, has posted footage of the Haruhi machine:




Speaking of Haruhi, the On the Stage fan mook (magazine/book) hit Japan this week as the first fan book in three years.


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