Fan-made "Yowapeda" Bike Chart Details Actual Road Bike Models Used In Series

Great road bike guide for serious fans

Fans always want to know more details about their favorite characters and the products characters use are no exception! A Japanese twitter user has compiled a list of road bikes according to Yowapeda characters and fans have found it very useful as a guide to know what brand and model of bike is used by their favorite characters.



Post via @hiforeversummer


The twitter user posted that the information was gathered solely by Google search results since the twitter user has never ridden a bike before, and the post was favorited 3,828 times and retweeted 1,728 times. The list has the character face, name, competitive riding style, the cyclist's number, bike brand, brand logo, brand country of origin and the image of the bike.


*The twitter user is also aware that the image of Tadokoro's bike is MTB instead of the road bike he uses.





Sohoku High School




Hakone Gakuen




Kyoto Fushimi High School




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