”Free! Eternal Summer" Drama and Radio CD Covers Revealed

First radio and drama CD volumes for Eternal Summer slated for later this month

As summer is coming to an end, Free! Eternal Summer is also coming to a close but the anime still has lots of releases left! The official site has revealed the album covers for both drama CD vol. 1 and radio CD vol. 1 for Eternal Summer and both are planned to go on sale on September 17th in Japan.




TV Anime Free! Eternal Summer Drama CD

Iwatobi / Samezuka Swimming Club Joint Activity Dairy Vol. 1

3,000 yen

Release Date: September 17th, 2014






TV Anime Free! Eternal Summer Official Radio CD

Iwatobi Channel ES Vol. 1

2,500 yen

Release Date: September, 17th, 2014



Images via the official site

(c) Koji Ooji Kyoto Animation / Iwatobi High School Swimming Club

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