"Evangelion Q" Broadcast Ends with Cryptic Clues

What's "NEXT?"

Particularly given that Neon Genesis Evangelion's fall 2015 20th anniversary is on the horizon, expectations were high for last night's NTV Roadshow third broadcast of the Rebuild of Evangelion movie, paired with live-action short Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo.


At the same time, a history of bewildering piano and tree promos has taught otaku to be wary.


From the infamous, highly promoted 3.0 spot that aired during an earlier NTV broadcast...


What viewers got from the broadcast offered more fuel for fan theories than answers, along the lines of this year's mysterious lantern prepared by creator Hideaki Anno for the summer Bonbori Matsuri, held at the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū shrine in Kamakura.


The night's broadcast ended with...



And, while some fans got to the business of pondering this, others (including famous ones) were content to just celebrate the Eva Girls:



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