VIDEO: "Bayonetta 2" Gets a New Trailer, Star Fox Costume, and More

Nintendo Wii U exclusive launches on October 24

As promised, Nintendo busted out a special Direct presentation for Bayonetta 2, outlining some new features for Platinum's upcoming sequel. Among them is a new Nintendo outfit for Bayonetta that decks her out like Star Fox hero Fox McCloud. 


The rest of the costumes that are coming to the Wii U version of the original will also be in the sequel, so you'll be able to dress Bayonetta up like Princess Peach, Daisy, Link, and Samus in both. 


Nintendo also got into Bayonetta 2's multiplayer Tag Climax mode, revealing the addition of Rodin as a playable character. You can see some of that and more in the new trailer and the full Nintendo Direct presentation below. 




Bayonetta 2 hits Wii U in North America and Europe on October 24. 


Three versions will be available in Europe, including a First Print Edition that comes with both games and The Art of Bayonetta 2 art book. A Special Edition release packs Bayonetta 2 with the Bayonetta remake, and Solus Edition just comes with a copy of Bayonetta 2



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