Otaku Name Anime's 10 Sexiest Ladies

Winner took the lead by a margin as big as her legendary chest

Charapedia returns to a favorite subject with their latest 10,000 reader poll. This time they aimed to suss the right mix of beauty and exposure that makes for anime's sexiest heroines. Female voters edged out males by a tiny 50.7/49.3 split, but the winner took the lead by a margin as big as her legendary chest.


Top 10 included


10. Kuroko's Basketball's Satsuki Momoi - 233 votes


9. High School DxD's Rias Gremory - 246 votes


8. Durarara's Celty Sturluson - 271 votes


7. Gintama's Tsukuyo - 309 votes


6. K-on!'s Mio Akiyama - 326 votes


5. One Piece's Boa Hancock - 377 votes


4. Urusei Yatsura's Lum - 441 votes


3. Macross F's Sheryl Nome - 452 votes


2. One Piece's Nami - 615 votes


1. Lupin III's Fujiko Mine - 1,802 votes


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