Square-Enix Files Litigation Against SNK For "Hi-Score Girl" Infringement Allegations

Countersuit follows August raids following SNK's own infringement suit filed in May

After SNK filed a copyright infringement suit in May against Square-Enix for the alleged infringement of its intellectiual property by featuring its characters in the Hi-Score Girl manga without its permission, Square-Enix has publicly fired back with its own countersuit against SNK to defend itself against the allegations, which led to a raid by Osaka law enforcement on all Square-Enix operated properties in order to gather evidence for the infringement allegations in August. 


Hi-Score Girl

As a result of the raids and initial litigation, Square-Enix was forced to halt publishing many publications related to Hi-Score Girl until the litigation had run its course and the company had cooperated with law enforcement in good faith. Now with Square-Enix filing the countersuit, it looks like the manga and the long-planned anime adaptation will be mired in red tape for quite awhile as the issue works its way through the courts. 


Square-Enix is now seeking an authoritative opinion from the Osaka District Court to determine that it has not infringed on SNK's copyright and has pledged to continue cooperating with law enforcement, as well as proving that it is not infringing on SNK's intellectual property. 


via Joystiq

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