Happy Birthday to Jin Tadokoro from "Yowapeda" and Kenma Kozume from "Haikyuu!!"

It's a bit of a sports anime two-for!

Sports anime fans have continued their tradition of going a bit nuts for character birthdays, and October 16th was a big one as two well liked supporting characters celebrate their big day - specifically Jin Tadokoro from Yowapeda and Kenma Kozume from Haikyuu!!


す、すべりこみセーーーフ\\\\└('ω')」//// おめでとう!!!°˖✧°˖◝(OvO)◜˖°✧˖° #田所迅生誕祭2014 #田所迅誕生日会2014 pic.twitter.com/pFh3Mwnl2F

— 留菜◝(OvO)◜ (@Luna_R0se) October 16, 2014



via nijimen


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