VIDEO: TV Anime "Jinsei" Character Song PVs featuring Rino and Fumi

2nd DVD/Blu-ray is just released today on October 22

To promote the second volume of the DVD/Blu-ray disc of the 13-episode TV anime adaptation of Ougyo Kawagishi's popular comedy light novel series Jinsei, Vap has posted PVs for the two character songs: "Koigaku" (The study of love) by Rino Endo (CV: Hiyori Nitta) and "F♡School Days" by Fumi Kujo (Moe Toyota). The two songs are included in the special CD bundled with the volume, which is just released in Japan today on October 22. The upcoming 3rd volume scheduled for November 26 also comes with two character songs by Ikumi Suzuki (Ayaka Suwa) and Emi Murakami (Saori Onishi).



"Koigaku" by Rino Endo



"F♡School Days" by Fumi Kujo



CM for the DVD/Blu-ray



Jacket illustration for the 1st volume




2nd volume



3rd volume


 via: Animate. TV


© Ougyo Kawagishi, Shogakukan/Jinsei Production Committee


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