"Sailor Moon Crystal" Collaborates with Koikeya Tortilla Chips

Original wallpapers for smartphones are also available

Japanese snack company Koikeya will launch a collaboration campaign between its popular tortilla chips series and the ongoing web anime Sailor Moon Crystal from November 21. The five Sailor girls (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus) and Tuxedo Mask will be featured on the bags of the chips' three flavors (avocado cream cheese, Bagna càuda, grilled pork Balsamico source). It means you have to purchase 18 bags to complete the collection. You can also download six original wallpapers for smartphones featuring the characters with the QR code comes with the bags. After the official site for the campaign opens on November 21, the Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips will go on sale in Japan on December 8.



Image visual for the collaboration campaign



18 bags in total


Sample images for the wallpapers


Source: press release

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