Kodansha's Manga Magazines All Go Digital, Including Weekly Shonen Magazine

Starting next week with Young Magazine, Monthly&Weekly Shonen Magazine

By June of this year, Kodansha's all manga magazines will get simultaneous digital release with print editions, Asahi Shimbun reported today. It includes the publisher's flagship manga magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine, whose circulation in Japan is 1.32 million. The change will start with Weekly Young Magazine (circulation: 670,000) on January 5, Monthly Shonen Magazine (660,000) on 6, then Weekly Shonen Magazine on 7. The price for the digital editions has not been confirmed.


The top-selling Japanese manga magazine, Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump already started simultaneous digital release via the Shonen Jump+ app in September 2014. The price for one issue is 40 yen higher than its print edition (260 yen).



The cover of Weekly Shonen Magazine's next issue


Source: Asahi Shimbun



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