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198 Tatsunoko adapts sci-fi take on the time travel Urashima folktale

Following its November licensing and presenttion on The Anime Network, Sentai Filmworks has begun offering Future Policeman Urashiman on Hulu. The 1983 adaptation of Hirohisa Soda and Noboru Akashi's sci-fi manga take on the time travel Urashima folktale is credited for helping to pull anime studio Tatsunoko with its success. A localization almost came to America from Sabn under the title Rockin Cops.

The series is described

In 1983, a young man on the run from the police finds himself mysteriously transported to the year 2050. With no memories and newly developed superhuman powers, he finds himself recruited to join the Neo Tokyo Mobile Police Unit in order to help them take down a vicious crime syndicate known as Necrime. But will this man, now known as Ryuu Urashima, be able to take down the Necrime and find his way back to the past? Or will he be trapped in the future forever?

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