Author of "Slam Dunk" and "Vagabond" Illustrates Visual for Kendo Championship

Takehiko Inoue also says "Vagabond" manga returns from latest hiatus this month

Takehiko Inoue, author of hit sports manga Slam Dunk and lethal samurai dueling manga Vagabond has gone somewhere in between the two for a visual illustrated for this May's 16th World Kendo Championships. This triennial event travels between member nations of the International Kendo Federation, but which returns to Tokyo for the latest competition. 


After teasing the work this fall, the final results can be seen...


The Championships also posted a multi-lingual interview with Inoue

Rather than from a distant viewpoint with similarly global aims and themes, I drew that manga more from the perspective of someone on the ground and in the action. Like being pulled along by someone in the shuffle, or following behind that character, or being on the same level as that character. So it’s not like I am intentionally selecting themes. Especially in the case of Vagabond. On the other hand, with Slam Dunk, there is a single type of theme: victory, accented by charisma and strength. I think that I was aiming toward a single type of value. I started drawing Vagabond in my 30s, so my values were different then from what I drew in my 20s. Maybe at the beginning I thought that “strength” would become the theme, but I had a feeling that it would be a different definition of strength than what I had been working with for Slam Dunk. I think that I myself have transformed as I’ve gotten older.


Speaking of Inoue, he says it's been a while since fans have gotten any Vagabond, but that the Miyamoto Musashi manga returns from its latest hiatus for chapter 323 in the new issue of Morning magazine on sale January 29th.


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