"Fate/Grand Order" Smartphone Game Heroine Was Originally Created for Anime

Mystery shield wielding woman will be central to upcoming game

2015 smartphone (iOS/Android) game Fate/Grand Irder features the battle for the Holy Grail across seven time periods with scenario by TYPE-MOON founder Kinoko Nasu, a very impressive collection of artists from Huke to BunBun to Black Lagoon's Rei Hiroe and theme song "Color" by Maaya Sakamoto. In a 4Gamer interview, Nasu has discussed the shield wielding woman appearing with the familiar Saber and Joan of Arc in the visual.


Nasu explains"She’ll be the heroine this time around."
“Just like how Saber is the face of stay night and Joan is for Apocrypha, [the new heroine] is the face of Fate/Grand Order. Saber and Joan will be key characters, but more in the role of famous Heroic Spirits. The one who will be the main character is the girl holding the shield.”


Not only was the character originally designed by artist and co-founder of Type-Moon, Takashi Takeuchi, she predated the game.

“While it never happened, previously, when Studio Deen produced an anime for [Fate/stay night], we had plans for an original story. This heroine was a character that was formally created at the time,” adds Nasu. “We felt it would be a waste to have her remain dormant, and also felt like somehow throwing her into the story for Fate/Grand Order, so we decided on having her take on the role of the main heroine this time around.”



“In Fate/Grand Order, once you get a character you’ll immediately learn about the identity of the Servant,” adds Nasu. “So once the game becomes available, if the players could please avoid giving out spoilers, it’d make me happy.”




Type periods include

  • "The First Grail: AD 1431 - ■■■■■ Hundred Year War -- Orlea" - "The Holy Maiden Savior"
    • First Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_C+
  • "The Second Grail: AD 0060 - The Eternal ■■■■■ Empire - Septem" -- "The Emperor of Roses"
    • Second Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_B+
  • "The Third Grail: AD 1573 - The Four Sealed Seas of the End - Okeanos" -- "The Navigator of the Storm"
    • Third Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A
  • "The Fourth Grail: AD 1888 - ■■■■■■■■" -- "The Knight of Londium"
    • Fourth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A-
  • "The Fifth Grail: AD 1783 -- ■■■■■■■■■i Pluribas Unam" -- "The White Cloth of ■■■■■■■"
    • Fifth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_A+
  • "The Sixth Grail: AD 1273 -- ■■■■■■■" - "The Shining Agatorum"
    • Sixth Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_EX
  • "The Seventh Grail: BC ■■■■ -- The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts ■■■■■■■■■" -- "The Chain of Heaven"
    • Seventh Holy Grail: Humanity Foundation Value_■


    Scenario Supervision and Scenario: Kinoko Nasu
    Character Design and Art Direction: Takeuchi Takashi

    Scenario: Higashide Yuuichirou (Fate/Apocrypha), Sakurai Hikaru (Fate/Prototype: Fragments novel)
    Character design: I-Ⅳ, Ain Cross, Sougetsu Takao (TYPE-MOON), AKIRA, Azusa, Ishida Akira, Okazaki Takeshi, okojo, Ginka, Konoe Ototsugu, Koyama Hirokazu (TYPE-MOON), Sakamoto MineG, Sasaki Shounen, Shima Udon (TYPE-MOON), Shima Doriru, Kaetsu (TYPE-MOON), Shirabii, Sinjiro, Sumiei, Taiki, Takahashi Keitarou, Takayama Kisai, Takenoko Seijin, Tasukuouna, danciao, Chuuou Higashiguchi, Tenkuusufia, Nakahara, Namaniku ATK (Nitroplus), pako, Bsuke, Hidari, Hiroe Rei, Hiroyama Hiroshi, PFALZ, Fukumaru Mochi, huke, BLACK (TYPE-MOON), BUNBUN, Maeda Hirotaka, Mata, Matsu Ryuu, Miwa Shirou, Morii Shidzuki, Moriyama Daisuke, Yamanaka Kotetsu, RAITA, Ryota-H, Rin Kususaga, Arco Wada
    Development: DELiGHTWORKS

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