Yuko Sanpei, Mitsuru Miyamoto, Yui Ishikawa to Join "Mushi-shi" Stage Event

To be performed at Spiral Hall in Tokyo in March 18-29

More details about the upcoming stage event titled "Yomibutai Mushi-shi," which is based on Yuki Urushibara's occult detective manga series are announced today. In addition to the previously announced Yuto Nakano (Ginko), Ai Kobayashi (Tanyu), and Mika Doi (Narrator), Yuko Sanpei (Shinra Ioroi), Mitsuru Miyamoto (Masaki), and Yui Ishikawa (daughter) will also appear in their respective episodes.


In the event, two episodes from the total of six episodes will be performed each day. The episodes are:


"Midori no Za/"The Green Seat" (TV anime Mushi-Shi 1st episode)

"Ame ga Kuru Niji ga Tatsu/Raindrops and Rainbows" (Mushi-Shi 7th episode)

"Hitoyobashi/One-Night Bridge" (Mushi-Shi 13th episode)

"Nozue no Utage/Banquet at the Forest's Edge" (Mushi-Shi -Next Passage- 1st episode)

"Kagami ga Fuchi/Mirror Lake" (Mushi-Shi -Next Passage- 5th episode)

"Hana Madoi/Floral Delusion" (Mushi-Shi -Next Passage- 6th episode)



The event is written/directed by Kazuaki Nakamura (Wamhouse), who also serves as executive producer,

with the original idea provided by the director of the two TV anime series, Hiroshi Nagahama. It is scheduled

to be performed at Spiral Hall in Tokyo in March 18-29, and the advance ticket will go on sale tomorrow on

January 17 at Ticket Pia.



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via: Comic Natalie


© Yuki Urushibara, Kodansha/"Yomibutai Mushishi" Production Committee


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