"Durarara!!" x "Hello Kitty" Products Go on Sale

After presenting the character goods at events like Dengeki Fall Festival, items now offered at retailers

After presenting the character goods at events like Dengeki Fall Festival, the Hello Kitty x Durarara!! merchandise from Kawashima Industries and Asunaro-sya is now available at your favorite anime paraphernalia retailer.


Offered items include:


buttons, shipping in March for 648yen

Hand towels, shipping in March for 734yen

Smartphone stand, due in March for 1,728 yen


Pass case, selling in March for 1,080yen

Maki-e style stickers, coming in February for 648 yen


iPhone cases 6 and 5s versions available - shipping in February for 1,944yen

Compact Mirror, shipping in February for 1,080 yen

 New 3DSLL Clear Hard Cover - shipping in February for 1,934 yen

IC Pass Cases, shipping in February for 1,620yen

Clearfiles - 324yen

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