VIDEO: Bump of Chicken Performs "ray" with Hatsune Miku on Stage

From their latest live DVD/Blu-ray "BUMP OF CHICKEN: WILLPOLIS 2014"

Back in March 2014, four-member Japanese rock band Bump of Chicken collaborated with the most popular vocaloid character Hatsune Miku for the digital-only alternative version of "ray," the leading track of their 7th album "RAY." The band and the virtual idol performed the song together on stage in the band's live concert at Tokyo Dome on July 31, 2014. The "14 model" Miku's vision was produced with Diamond 3D Holographic System developed by Creative Production A4A's Atsunori Toshi.


The footage is included in the band's latest live documentary DVD/Blu-ray "BUMP OF CHICKEN: WILLPOLIS 2014" to be released on February 4, and is also posted on the band's official YouTube channel today. Check how they performed the song together below.



Bump of Chicken feat. Hatsune Miku "ray" live PV



Bump of Chicken feat. Hatsune Miku "ray" original PV



Miku with the band





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