VIDEO: "Gourmet Girl Graffiti" Song by Dishphone Performing Unit Kajii

The ED song "Egao ni Naru" CD single hits stores February 25

Dishphone is an original musical instrument set made in combination with the various kinds of tableware such as bowls, teacups, spoons and rice scoops. The inventors of the instrument, two-member unit Kajii performed "Gohan no Renshuu" (the practice of meals), an insert song for the ongoing TV anime Koufuku Graffiti (English title: Gourmet Girl Graffiti). The song sung by Rina Sato (as Ryo Machiko) and Asuka Ohgame (Kirin Morino) is used when the sponsors of the anime are introduced after the OP/ED songs. It will be included in the CD single of the ED song "Egao ni Naru" (Becoming a smile) to be released on February 25. Check their performance video below.





CD single jacket image


via: Animate. TV


© Makoto Kawai, Houbunsha/GGG Production Committee


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