Hiroyasu Ishida's "Fumiko's Confession" Screened in a Running Train

The 140-second short has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube

Studio Colorido's official Twitter has announced that Hiroyasu Ishida's critically acclaimed 2009 short Fumiko no Kokuhaku/Fumiko's Confession and a trailer for his 2013 film Hinata no Aoshigure are now screened in JR Niigata's new train E129. The train, which started running in Niigata Prefecture last month, has three 30cm x 45cm monitors in each vehicles, and they are now repeatedly playing about 100 clips including CMs for the sight-seeing areas in the prefecture in 50 minutes. 


Independent creator Hiroyasu Ishida's Fumiko no Kokuhaku/Fumiko's Confession was produced in 2009 when he was a student at Kyoto Seika University's Faculty of Manga. The video has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube. Then his first theatrical film Hinata no Aoshigure was released in November 2013.





"Fumiko no Kokuhaku/Fumiko's Confession"


"Hinata no Aoshigure" trailer


Source: Studio Colorido's official Twitter


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