"Uta no Prince-sama" Characters to Accept No Valentine's Day Chocolates

TV anime 3rd season is slated for April

As same as in the past years, the official website for the Uta no Prince-sama franchise has announced that they will not accept any Valentine's Day gifts, foods or non-foods, for the characters. This is the forth time to make this announcement. Since 2012, they have accepted only fan letters to the idols at Shining Agency, probably due to the capacity of the company.


In a similar case, publisher Shueisha will stop announcing the result of the Valentine's Day chocolate ranking for The Prince of Tennis characters from this year. They received over 180,000 chocolates in 2014, and it was obviously beyond the capacity of the publisher and distributors.


The message from Shining Agency is written as, "It would be grateful if you can show your feeling to support the character by sending a letter."



The TV anime third season Uta no Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolutions is scheduled to premiere in Japan

in this April.



The third season main staff:

Original story: Kanon Kunozuki/Broccoli

Director: Makoto Hoshino

Series composition: Tomoko Konparu

Original character design: Chinatsu Kurahana

Anime character design/General animation director:Mitsue Mori

Music: Elements Garden

Anime production: A-1 Pictures

Production: Uta☆Pri Production Committee


Main visual


Source: "Uta no Prince-sama" franchise official website




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