Japanese Readers Pick the Manga Series Set to Make Their Big Break in 2015

"Shonen Jump" superhero action "My Hero Academia" takes top spot

Japanese print media magazine Da Vinci has worked with NicoNico for a second annual survey asking manga readers which series is set make its big break. Criteria includes that it must have published up to its third volume within the year. From 27692 responses, the top of list looked a lot like Honya Club's book store clerk recommendations, but with more of a Shonen Jump preference as My Hero Academia took the top spot and the magazine's samurai comedy Isobe Isobee joins the ranks.


1. "My Hero Academia” by Kohei Horikoshi

2 . “The Ancient Magus Bride” by Kore Yamazaki

3. “The Story of Isobe Isobee” by Ryo Nakama

4. “Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store” by Hashimoto, Koma Matsu

5. “Himomaru Zumo” by Kadawa

6. “Relife” by Sou Yayoi

7. “Green Worldz” by Yusuke Osawa

8. “Helk” by Nano Nanaki

9. “Chôeki 339 Nen” by Tomaka Ise

10. “Kasane” by Daruma Matsuura

11. “Scum’s Wish” (Kuzu no Honkai) by Mengo Yokoyari

12. “Orange” by Ichigo Takano -  available on Crunchyroll Manga

13. “Instant Bullet” by Akasaka Aka

14. “Amaama to Inazuma” by Gido Amagakure

15. “Puberty Bitter Change” by Masayoshi

16. “Himouto Umari-chan” by Sankaku Head

17. “Takahashi is Listening” by Yuu Hokuou

18. “Inu Yashiki” by Hiroya Oku

19. “Jewel of the Country” by Haruko Ichikawa

20. “Girl Meets Bear (Kumamiko)” by Masume Yoshimoto


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