TYPE-MOON Announces "Carnival Phantasm" Complete Edition

Parody slated for April 30th

TYPE-MOON has announced a complete collection of Carnival Phantasm, their comedy OVA based on Take-Moon with parodies of Fate/stay night (and /hollow ataraxia)Tsukihime/Melty Blood and the like. Scheduled for April 30th, the two-disc release sells for 8,000yen. 



[Disc 1] Main Anime: 12 episodes (includes audio commentary)
[Disc 2] Special clips
1. EX Season
2. Special Season
3. Fate/Prototype - an adaptation of the original novel concept of Fate/stay night, featuring heroine Ayaka Sajō and a male version of Saber as well as a prototype Lancer. 
4. Bonus clips
"Fuun Illya-jo w/audio" - Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Visual Novel's mini-game, Illya's Castle with live commentary from voice cast for Saber, Lancer, Archer and Shirou
"Episode 5 commentary -"Berserker's First Errand-"
"Opening (non credit ver.)"
"Ending (non credit ver.)"
"PV collections"
"TV commercial collections"



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