For a limited time only, "Yotsuba & Danboard" shop opens in Tokyo

Cardboard robot and precocious 5 year old girl from “Yotsuba&!” invade Marui City Shibuya


Everybody's favorite cardboard robot is coming to Tokyo, and she's bringing her friends along.


The Yotsuba & Danboard Store @ Marui City Shibuya is a physical extension of the Yotsuba & Danboard Online Store, which specializes in character goods related to Yotsuba&! and its popular cardboard robot.



In the Yotsuba&! manga, Danboard is a fictitious robot portrayed by Miura Hayasaka, an older friend of the main character, 5 year old Yotsuba Koiwai. Since her introduction, Danboard has taken on a life of her own, becoming a popular series of toys and the subject of countless photos published to the Internet.



The Yotsuba & Danboard @ Marui City Shibuya store will be open from February 27, 2015 until April 5, 2015 at Marui City Shibuya in Tokyo.


Kiyohiko Azuma, the author of the Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh manga, will appear at a special signing event that will take place at the store at 11AM on March 7, 2015.




More info is available at the official store announcement page.


Source: The Japan News


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