AnimeJapan 2015 Character Art and Crossover Goods Previewed

This year, merchandise comes in two varieties: Anime x Anime and Anime x Traditional Handcrafts

Launched last year, AnimeJapan was a new convention that combined the effort of the two existing business conventions, the Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) and Anime Contents Expo (ACE), with distance from the Tokyo government and the controversy around its Youth Healthy Development Ordinance. It returns to Tokyo Big Sight March 21-22 and its site now features a series of notable characters wrapped up in the event excitment. 




Because the event brought together TAF and ACE, AnimeJapan bring together anime series for special goods. Last year, this included Madoka Magica x Rascal and Attack on Titan x Monogatariand Girls und Panzer x KanColle x Strike Witches. 


This year, merchandise comes in two varieties: Anime x Anime and Anime x Traditional Handcrafts. 


 Uta no Prince Sama x Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun acrylic straps


 Fate/stay night x God Eater straps



Fate/stay night [Unlimited Bladeworks] x from Otani ware pottery from Tokushima Prefecture (Saber and Archer versions are 6,900 yen)


Chibi Maruko-chan × Arita porcelain cups from Saga Prefecture (3,300yen)


Gugure Kokkuri-san! x Shigaraki chopstick sets from  Shiga Prefecture (2,700 yen)


Girls & Panzer × Kasama yaki from Ibaraki Prefecture

Not yet previewed 


Gundam x Traditional Folding Screen

Not yet previewed


Mobile Suit Gundam × Shirakawa Dharma from Fukushima Prefecture)

not yet previewed


And there's a series of 30 randomly distributed badges.




via @ikari_gendo and @animejapan_aj


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