“Stand By Me Doraemon” Conquers Asian Box Office

Toho announces that the CG movie has earned 10 billion yen worldwide since its initial August 2014 release


Stand By Me Doraemon continues to clean up in the Asian film market. The 3D CG movie starring an earless robotic cat with a “door to anywhere” has earned more than 10 billion yen (about 84 million American dollars) since premiering in August 2014, according to Toho, the film's producers.




Stand By Me Doraemon is directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryuichi Yagi. In addition to Japan, it has already seen theatrical releases in countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Italy. The remaining countries scheduled for its theatrical run are India, France, and China, which will receive the film in 2015.


Source: Yahoo! Japan


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