Xplus Previews 40cm Figure of "Fairy Tail" Heroine Lucy Heartfilia

All pre-orders for the flower pattern edition comes with a "Fairy Tail" eco bag

Osaka-based character figure company Xplus today started accepting pre-orders for the limited flower pattern edition of its upcoming 40cm-tall figure of Lucy Heartfilia, the main heroine of Hiro Mashima's popular fantasy action manga series Fairy Tail and its anime adaptation. It is a new entry from the company's large size figure line Gigantic, which previously released Son Goku (Dragon Ball Z), Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z), Super Sonico, and Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece).


The price for both the normal edition and flower pattern edition is 16,200 yen (about 136 US dollars), and their scheduled delivery date is in the end of May 2015. All pre-orders for the flower pattern edition figure comes with a "Fairy Tail" eco bag.



Flower pattern edition



Normal edition



"Fairy Tail" eco bag


Source: press release


(c) Hiro Mashima, Kodansha/Fairy Tail Production Committee, TV Tokyo


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