Moyoco Anno Contributes to Train Ad Campaign

Tokyu Toyoko Line advertisements feature Hiroko Matsukata of “Hataraki Man”


Manga artist Moyoco Anno (Buffalo 5 Girls, Insufficient Direction) is providing artwork for a new advertising campaign aimed at highlighting the appeal of the Tokyu Toyoko train line that runs between Shibuya and Yokohama. The campaign is designed to attract the attention of young, metropolitan women.



The new ad campaign will kick off with 50,000 print booklets featuring art by Anno. Each booklet emphasizes local attractions, such as cafes, bars, restaurants, and shopping destinations. The next phase of the ad campaign will feature transit art within the train stations and the trains themselves.



Hataraki Man, published in Weekly Morning, is a seinen manga that follows the life of Hiroko Matsukata. Hiroko is a tough, successful business woman who works for a magazine company. Her work ethic earns her the nickname “Hataraki Man” (“Working Man”), but Hiroko has trouble balancing the stresses of her job and her private life.




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