VIDEO: Voice Actress/Singer Minori Chihara's Self Cover Song "Junpaku Sanctuary"

The voice of Yuki Nagato in the upcoming "The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan"

Lantis is scheduled to release voice actress/singer Minori Chihara's first self cover symphonic album "Reincarnation" in Japan on March 25. Her official website has posted a full PV for the leading track from the album, a re-recorded version of "Junpaku Sanctuary" (1st single/Kiddy Girl-and Pilot DVD theme song) and a sound-only preview for all songs.


The 11 songs re-recorded with a full orchestra are:


1. "Junpaku Sanctuary" (1st single/January 24, 2007/Kiddy Girl-and Pilot DVD theme song)

2. "TREASURE WORLD" (from 5th album "NEO FANTASIA/December 11, 2013)

3. "Shijin no Tabi" (from 5th single "Paradise Lost"/November 5, 2008)

4. "Melty tale storage" (3rd single/March 26, 2008)

5. "Aoi Kotou" (from 2nd album "Parade"/November 26, 2008)

6. "Kyoukai no Kanata" (18th single/October 30, 2014/Beyond the Boundary OP)

7. "Tomorrow’s chance" (6th single/June 3, 2009)

8. "Sunshine flower" (from 6th single "Tomorrow’s chance"/June 3, 2009)

9. "purest note ~Atatakai Oto" (from 13th single "TERMINATED"/October 19, 2011)

10. "sing for you" (from 3rd album "Sing All Love"/February 17, 2010)

11. "Joyful Flower" (from "SANCTUARY ~Minori Chihara Best Album~"/September 10, 2014)



"Junpaku Sanctuary" PV



Preview for all songs


Source: Minori Chihara official website


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