MOS Burger Erects "Tokyo Tower Burgers" at New Location

14 layer burger available only at new MOS Burger Tokyo Tower Branch in Minato Ward, Tokyo

To celebrate the March 13 opening of its new Tokyo Tower Branch restaurant in Minato Ward, Tokyo, MOS burger if offering a 14 layer monstrosity called the Tokyo Tower Burger. The sandwich includes 2 beef patties, pastrami bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, mayonnaise, ketchup, and hot chili sauce piled between two buns.





The Tokyo Tower Burger retails for 800 yen ($6.59 US) and is only available at the new location in Minato Ward. There is also a Tokyo Tower Cheeseburger version available for 860 yen ($7.09 US).



MOS (an acronym for “Mountain Ocean Sun”) Burger is a popular Japanese fast food chain with branches in such other countries as South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Australia.



Like McDonald's and KFC, MOS Burger often appears in a parodied form in anime.


Source: Japan Crush


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