VIDEO: "Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold" Gets New Promo, Streaming Date

Bandai sets new anime's worldwide premiere for April 11

The official website for the upcoming Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold posted a second promotional video for the anime, briefly outlining the story before getting everyone pumped up for an April 11 debut. Soul of Gold will stream globally via the Bandai Channel and others, and you can see the promo and a synopsis below. 


Saint Seiya Soul of Gold PV2 by pKjd


The synopsis via Toei's English site:


Toei Animation announced the production of a new original Saint Seiya series: Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold. This new anime will start airing in April! 


Focusing on the Gold Saints, the series' storyline will develop right after the Hades chapter when they mysteriously come back to life in Asgard!


As previously reported, Takeshi Furuta (The Comic Artist and Assistants) is directing the series, with Toshimitsu Takeuchi (Haikyu!!, Bladedance of Elementalers) on series composition and anime veteran Hideyuki Motohashi (Six God Combination Godmars) on character designs. 


The cast sees the voices of the Gold Saints from the 2003-2008 OVA series Saint Seiya: Hades returning to reprise their roles.


Leo Aiolia: Hideyuki Tanaka

Sagittarius Aiolos: Yusaku Yara

Aries Mu: Takumi Yamazaki

Scorpio Milo: Toshihiko Seki

Taurus Aldebaran: Tessho Genda

Aquarius Camus: Nobutoshi Kanna

Virgo Shaka: Yuuji Mitsuya

Capricorn Shura: Takeshi Kusao

Cancer Deathmask: Ryouichi Tanaka

Pisces Aphrodite: Keiichi Nanba

Libra Dohko: Kenyu Horiuchi

Gemini Saga: Ryotaro Okiayu


Thanks to CR user ShinSeiryuga for the tip! 


© Masami Kurumada/"Saint Seiya - Soul of Gold" Production Committee



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