VIDEO: Latest CM for "Attack on Titan" 1st Film DVD/Blu-ray

The box art is drawn by the original manga author

Simutaneously with the release in Japan today, Pony Canyon posted a 30-second CM for the DVD/Blu-ray disc of the first compilation film Attack on Titan: Guren no Yumiya. The 120-minute film compiled the first 13 episodes of the TV anime and released in Japan on November 22, 2014. The original manga author Hajime Isayama provided a newly drawn art for the box of its first press limited edition.





Box art


DVD/Blu-ray jacket art


The content of the first press limited edition



 DVD: limited edition (8,000 yen), regular edition (3,800 yen)

 Blu-ray: limited edition (9,000 yen), regular edition (4,800 yen)



Source: "Attack on Titan" anime project site


© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/"Attck on Titan" production Committee


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