"Seven Days" Boy's Love Manga Gets 2-Part Film Adaptation

Live-action films star James Takeshi Yamada and Tomoki Hirose


Seven Days is a “boy's love” romance manga from Venio Tachibana and Rihito Takarai. The story revolves around Seiryo Touji, a playboy with a reputation for dating anyone who asks him out on Monday and then invariably dumping them by the end of the week.


Things get complicated when Shino Yuzuru, an upperclassman, asks Seiryo out as a joke. It turns out that for a limited time, Seiryo is a perfectly devoted boyfriend, and as the week progresses, Shino begins to develop real romantic feelings for him.


Now the two volume manga is being adapted into a live-action film in two parts for release in Japanese cinemas.



The first part, encompassing Monday through Thursday, hits Japanese theaters on June 06, 2015.



The second part, encompassing Friday through Sunday, hits Japanese theaters on July 04, 2015.


The films feature James Takeshi Yamada as Shino Yuzuru and Tomoki Hirose as Seiryo Touji. These films mark James Takeshi Yamada's first major role in a theatrical film.


The Seven Days manga is available in English via DMP's Juné label.


Source: Psycho Drama


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