Game to Adapt "Steins;Gate" Creator's "Occultic;Nine"

Cast for adaptation announced

Along with Anonymous;Code and Steins;Gate Zero, today's slate of MAGES/Chiyomaru Shikura announcements included a game adaptation of "paranormal science" novel Occultic;Nine (not the proper fourth "science adventure" following Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, but the fourth in the Shikura line of works). 


Pako (Un-Go, Rental Magicaillustrated the book from Overlap and 5pb.

Announced cast includes:

Yuuta Gamon (CV: Yuuki Kaji) - unkempt 17-year-old self-proclaimed NEET God and paranormal science blogger.

Sarai Hashioue (CV: Kaito Ishikawa), a 19-year-old university freshman, living in Kichijouji. Insists on a direct approach to things and hates fantasy. Goes online under the handle SARAI.

Ryouka Narusawa (CV: Ayane Sakura), a naive sixteen-year-old highschool freshman who dreams of being a singer. Goes online under the handle Ryoutasu.

Miyu Aikawa (CV: Hitomi Yoshida) , sixteen-year-old moe star of NicoNico fortune telling videos. Goes online under the handle Myu.

Toko Sumikaze - Shizuka Itou  

Aria Kurenaino - Miyuki Sawashiro

Kiryu Kusakabe - Kisho Taniyama  

Ririka Nishizono - Mamiko Noto

Shun Moritsuka - Tetsuya Kakihara 



via Famitsu

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